LG Takes a Stake in Nanosys

LG Display has made an investment of $10 million in Nanosys, the developer of quantum dot technology according to the OLED-A and representing around 4% of the company.

Analyst Comment

We contacted Nanosys to get confirmation of this investment, but had no response at press time. If we get any clarification, we’ll publish another article.

It’s been a kind of ‘article of faith’ for LG Display that it will have nothing to do with QDs although there has been a lot of talk about Samsung working on a QD Filter architecture combining a blue OLED source with red and green QDs, so it would be strange to me if LG Display wasn’t looking closely at QDs. However, the company has been working on nano-cell technology rather than QD materials for improving the colour gamut. (Check the article Palomaki and Bertram Uncover LG’s “Nano Cell” Secret for more details on how LG does this)