LG Raises OLED Investment on Chinese LCD Progress

LG Display is to shift its investment priority to OLED displays, due to the speed with which Chinese rivals are catching up in the LCD market.

Over the next 10 years, LGD plans to spend KRW10 trillion ($8.5 billion) on ‘future displays’. These include OLEDs, flexible units and high-end LCD screens. The size of the investment on each type of product will depend on market conditions.

LGD said that it expects Chinese display makers to account for 27% of global LCD production in 2020, up from 16% in 2016. “But there is still a gap in OLED”, said CEO Han Sangbeom, in an emailed statement to Bloomberg.

An article posted by Korea’s D-Daily claims that LG will use its investment to build a G10 OLED fab, which would lead to cheaper OLED panels. However, the cost would be huge – potentially more than the $8.5 billion announced.

D-Daily’s claim comes just a week after ET News said that Samsung would build a G10.6 LCD facility.