LG OLED 4K Crowned ‘King Of TV’ At CE Week 2015

LG Electronics’ 4K OLED TV won 11th Annual Value Electronics TV Shootout™ in a competition among four contending flagship 4K Ultra HD TV models from LG and other leading brands during CE Week in New York City.

The 65-inch class (64.5 inches measured diagonally) LG Art Slim Curved 4K Ultra HD TV (Model 65EG9600) was voted the top performing TV by both general attendees and a panel of expert calibrators based on seven different picture quality attributes.

LG Tim Alessi and EG9600 OLED TV“LG OLED TV sets a new standard for picture quality and delivers an incredible TV experience unlike any LCD LED TV available,” said Tim Alessi, director of new product development for home entertainment at LG Electronics USA. “For years LG has been at the forefront of innovations that demand recognition from picture quality authorities and consumers alike, and industry recognition like this further validates our efforts, especially with OLED 4K TVs.”

The Value Electronics TV Shootout is an annual event comparing the flagship TVs from major manufacturers to identify which provides the top in picture quality. Each TV in the 2015 competition was professionally calibrated and evaluated by CE Week attendees, including industry experts, tech influencers and A/V enthusiasts. Voters were asked to evaluate a number of key performance qualities including black level, perceived contrast, color accuracy, and motion resolution, among others. The breathtaking picture quality of LG’s 65EG9600 beat out competitors’ best 4K Ultra HD flat and curved displays and was crowned “King of TV” for 2015.

LG’s 65EG9600 CURVED 4K OLED combines the intense detail of 4K ULTRA HD and the superior contrast and rich, accurate color that only OLED can provides to display what leading industry pundits have deemed the best picture ever. OLED’s revolutionary technology delivers an awe-inspiring picture with perfect blacks and incredible color, even from wide viewing angles. LG’s Art Slim design philosophy is a complement to any interior décor as the TV boasts an amazingly slim depth at only a few millimeters and a stylish, frameless design.

“This is the second consecutive year that LG OLED has taken the crown, beating its LED counterparts in an intense side-by-side comparison,” said TV Shootout organizer Robert Zohn, owner of Value Electronics, a leading specialty retailer based in Scarsdale, N.Y. “The experts and CE Week attendees have spoken: OLED TVs deliver superior picture quality compared to contemporary TV technologies.”

LG OLED TV will give industry experts and consumers even more to look forward to as High Dynamic Range (HDR) content becomes available for home viewing. LG OLED technology is perfectly suited for HDR content because it delivers perfect black – which only OLED TVs can achieve. By starting from perfect black, OLED is able to produce the required light ranges at lower peak brightness, resulting in an exceptional – and comfortable – HDR viewing experience. Further, OLED can deliver HDR even when sitting at wider viewing angles, whereas with most LED LCD TVs, viewers sitting only 20 degrees off center will experience degraded contrast and color accuracy. The LG 65EG9600 will receive a firmware update soon that will support HDR content streaming.

The 65EG9600 is available now at various retailers nationwide at a suggested price of $8,999. The 55-inch class (54.6 inches measured diagonally) LG Curved OLED TV (model 55EC9300), winner of the 2014 Value Electronics TV Shootout, is also available at retailers nationwide at a suggested price of $2,499. LG will offer five series and seven OLED TVs overall, ranging from 55- to 77-inch class sizes in both curved and flat configurations this year.