LG-MRI Introduces the World’s First All-Glass InfiniteTouch Panel for Large Format LCDs

This new projected capacitive (PCAP) touch panel sets a global benchmark for optical performance with transmissivity of 93.46%, 0.006% diffuse reflection, and 1.948% specular reflection.

For those less familiar with what these numbers mean in the real world, this new touch technology is, for all intents and purposes, invisible to the human eye and leaves displays looking absolutely stunning.

Most PCAP sensors seen today employ a form of wire or plastic mesh in a criss-cross pattern to create their capacitive detection layer. Unfortunately, this mesh is highly visible and emits a metallic glint when viewed in sunlight or slightly off-angle. These sensors also have strong birefringence, an effect where they throw off weird visual anomalies when viewed through polarized sunglasses. Another common complaint is that these touch panels never seem very responsive – the input lag is noticeable and distracting.

The All-Glass InfiniteTouch™ Panel is comprised of a multi-layered laminated stack of glass panes and solves all the problems common to PCAP sensors. This new PCAP touch technology is a huge leap forward and delivers some incredible benefits:

  • Greater transmission = More luminance for less power
  • Reduced diffuse reflection = Deeper blacks, truer colors
  • Reduced specular reflection = Minimized mirror effect
  • No wires = no metallic glint when viewed in sunlight or off-angle
  • 10ms response = true iPad-like touch experience

The All-Glass InfiniteTouch™ Panel is currently shipping on BoldVu® 55-inch outdoor displays and will be available for 75-inch and 86-inch BoldVu® displays in early 2018.