LG: LCDs Produce Three Times More Blue Than OLEDs

The Korean Photonics Technology Institute and LG Display have conducted a study on the output of blue light from different types of displays. Blue light in the 380-450nm wavelengths, such as that from most LED backlights, suppresses melatonin production, which causes drowsiness. It is also blamed for causing discomfort in viewers’ eyes and damage to the retina.

Speaking at IMID 2014 in Korea, LG Display MD Choi Dong-won said that LCD TVs were found to emit 3.1 times as much blue light as OLED units. Blue light output was measured 2.1m from the TVs, where were being operated in standard mode.

Display Daily Comments

LG produces some OLED TVs, but the vast majority of its business is still tied up in LCD screens – making this announcement a particularly brave move! (TA)