LG Launches Cutting-Edge 31.5-Inch IPS Black Diagnostic Monitor

The LG 32HQ713D is designed with multiple unique features to support the precise needs of medical professionals. From its high resolution and contrast ratio ensuring clear, detailed images, to its range of display modes and convenience features, it’s designed to offer reliable performance for diagnostic purposes.

The new LG 31.5-inch IPS Black diagnostic monitor features an 8-megapixel resolution and a 2,000: 1 contrast ration to deliver the clarity needed for medical imaging. (Source: LG)
Panel TypeIPS BlackThis advanced technology ensures deep blacks and detailed expressions in low grey tones.
Size31.5-inchLarge monitor size for clear viewing of detailed medical imaging.
Aspect Ratio16:9A standard widescreen aspect ratio.
Resolution8MP (3840 x 2160)High resolution for detailed imaging. It’s especially crucial in medical contexts where the accuracy of details matters significantly.
Colour GamutsRGB (CIE 1931) 100 %Full sRGB color coverage ensures accurate color representation.
Brightness1000cd/m²High brightness levels aid in visibility, especially in bright environments.
Contrast Ratio2000:1The contrast ratio shows the range from the brightest whites to the deepest blacks. This high ratio means clearer images.
Response Time14ms (GtG, Overdrive Not Supported)The time it takes for a pixel to change from grey-to-grey. Lower times can reduce ghosting effect in fast-moving images.
DICOM CompliantYesCompliance with Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine standards ensures images meet certain quality standards.
Hardware CalibrationYes (Software Application: LG PerfectLum)This feature allows the monitor to maintain stable and accurate color consistency.
Display ModeMulti-resolution Mode (8/6/4MP), Focus View Mode, Light Box Mode, Pathology ModeThe display modes allow for customisation according to the specific image viewing requirements.
Video Signals Input TerminalsDisplayPort x2This is the connection type used to connect the monitor to a computer or other video source.
PBP / Dual ControllerYes (2 PBP) / YesPicture-by-Picture (PBP) allows display from two different sources on one screen. Dual Controller lets you control multiple devices connected to the monitor.
LightingYesProvides illumination for the workspace.
Hot KeyYes (6 keys)These are shortcut keys for easy and quick adjustments to various settings.
Presence SensorYesAutomatically turns off the display when no motion is detected after 5 minutes.
Adjustable StandSwivel: ±15° / Tilt.: -5°~15° / Height Range: 110mmProvides ergonomic comfort by allowing the adjustment of the monitor’s position according to the user’s needs.