LG Expands High-End With ‘Dual Premium’ Strategy

LG will expand its OLED TV lineup from five models to 10 this year, the company has announced. As well as OLED models, ‘Prime UHD’ (quantum dot) LCD TVs will be produced, as part of LG’s ‘Dual Premium’ strategy. LG’s premium range, which includes both OLED and quantum dot models, will be expanded to include new 43″, 49″, 55″, 65″ and 77″ units. A worldwide rollout of these TVs will begin in the spring.

Pricing and model numbers were also shared for LG’s TVs. The first OLED TV to be launched will be the 65″ EG9600 ‘Art Slim Curved 4K OLED’. Available in April, it will cost $9,000.

The first Prime UHD series will be the UF9500 range, in 54.6″ and 64.5″. They will go on sale in March for $3,700 and $4,500, respectively.

Other UltraHD TVs (without OLED or quantum dot technology) will include the UF8500 (3D, with Cinema Screen; 59.5″ ($3,000) and $64.5″ ($3,200); UF7700 (59.5″ ($2,500), 64.5″ ($3,000) and 69.5″ ($4,000)); and UF7600 (43″ ($1,400), 48.5″ ($1,700) and 54.6″ ($2,000)) series.

Finally, several US retailers have been spotted offering the 55″ EC9300 OLED TV (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 30) for $2,400. This is the lowest-ever price that we have seen for an OLED model of this size – Amazon, for example, still sells the TV for $2,700, while LG’s suggested price is $3,500.