LG Display to Supply OLED to Apple

Many sources, including the ET News in Korea, are saying that Apple has chosen LG Display as its secondary supplier of OLEDs for its upcoming phones. The company is expected to provide financial support to LG Display to help the company develop a G6 fab that will make the displays. The paper reports that the firms are discussing the details of the investment. Capacity has been estimated at 45,000 substrates per month (up from 15,000 currently expected in early 2018), which would allow a maximum production of more than 50 million displays per year of the 6″ class.

Analyst Comment

Both companies have done this kind of deal before and have done them together as well. Although this report is a rumour, there is nothing about it that doesn’t ring true to me. Of course, Samsung will be the main supplier and is reported to be under a lot of pressure from Apple on supply. (BR)