LG Display to Move Balance of OLED TV Panels to Larger Sizes

The ETNews of Korea reports that LG Display plans to try to switch more and more production of its OLED TV panels to 65″ and 77″ sizes to counter the increased penetration of 65″ and above panels as Chinese production of G10.5 fabs comes on line. The paper reports that LG Display made more 65″ than 55″ panels last month, with 77″ also due to increase in its ‘half cut’ G8 E3 fab.

Analyst Comment

At the European OLED day in Munich, LG Display also said that it would make smaller than 55″ panels for the European market. At the moment, 77″ OLED sets are three times, or more, the price of 65″ . (BR)

BestBuyET News showed this BestBuy forecast that pricing of OLED could come down to the level of LCD. Image:BestBuy