LG Display Results 25/07/2017

LG Display announced FY17 Q2 results with revenues of KRW 6,629 billion ($5.9 billion) and net income of KRW 737 billion ($656 million), resulting in a net margin of 11%. Quarterly revenues increased by 13% on a yearly basis, while the net income saw a year-on-year turnaround compared to a net loss of KRW 84 billion ($75 million) in 2016.

For FY17 Q2, panels for TVs accounted for 46% of the revenues, mobile devices for 22%, desktop monitors for 17%, and tablets and notebook PCs for 15%.

LG Display recorded its operating profit of KRW 804 billion ($715 million) in FY17 Q2 despite the drastic decline in the exchange rate and the year’s off-season, which caused reduced shipments of mid- and small-size panels. The achievement was backed by the company’s differentiated technologies and its focus on profitability based on the product mix for large-size Ultra HD TV panels and high-end IT panels.