LG Display Adds Some Detail in Earnings Call

In its earnings call, LG Display said that it has additional capacity for OLED panels for TV from Q3 and that it will increase production in Q4. At the moment, 65% of OLED TV panel production is in 55″, although the company wouldn’t comment on the yield for individual sizes. It also plans to stabilise Gen 6 POLED production yield and secure technological competitiveness from its E5 line, with the aim of building the basis for full-fledged expansion of its small to mid POLED business.

Although prices of large LCDs declined, the ASP for small to medium products rose 4%. It also said that the use of 18:9 is rapidly being adopted and demand is more than 50% of LG’s supply now, although it expects the overall market to be around 20%.

Analyst Comment

The issue of burn in was raised, but LGD brushed this off as being because of “intentional creation of noise regarding this issue” and pointed to the adoption by 13 companies as testimony to the quality.

Separately, the Yonhap News said that it shipped 200,000 OLED TV panels in September for the first time, and will reach 210,000 by November. (BR)