LG Claims First Place in North American OLED TV Sales

LG has commented on its sales growth in the North American market during the first half of 2023 in its released semiannual report. The company achieved a milestone with North American sales reaching 9,756.1 billion won ($7.3 billion), marking a 4.6% increase compared to the same period in the previous year. This was its highest ever first-half sales figures.

Source: LG

The surge in sales are attributed to the exceptional demand for premium products in the North American market. One of the standout performers in LG’s product lineup is OLED TVs. In the first quarter of the year, LG claims its OLED TV secured an impressive 65.3% market share in the North American premium TV market based on shipment volume. In the same period of time, LG witness decreases in sales in Korea, China, and the general Asian market.