LG and Samsung to Invest $30 Million in Cynora

Cynora, a German provider of organic emitter materials for OLEDs, has confirmed that LG Display and Samsung Ventures have invested in the company. (Samsung to Invest in Cynora)

Cynora is developing a new type of organic emitting materials for OLED displays based on TADF (Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence) technology. It is believed that with this technology, Cynora will be able to make a significant reduction in power consumption and allow higher display resolution and hopes to commercialise the first high-efficiency blue emitting material on the market.

LG Display and Samsung Ventures are to invest around $30 million in a Series-B round to support Cynora in its development of AMOLED displays that covers the full range of colours. Cynora is aiming to commercialise its first blue product by the end of 2017, followed by green and red at a later stage. The new shareholders will join the existing investors MIG, Wecken & Cie and KfW.

Analyst Comment

This confirms that the level of investment from Samsung was, as we suspected, lower than the amount quoted in the Korean press in August. Both LG Display and Samsung have also invested in Kyulux, another developer of TADF materials. (Display Makers Fund Kyulux). It looks as though the companies want to back any reasonable effort to develop materials. In the end, this is a small amount of money for these companies to invest and they could see a big return if either of these companies is able to make the breakthrough in blue materials, with a double effect of boosting their OLED materials as well as potentially providing a return on the capital. Of course, these are not the only companies that are trying to develop TADF materials which have the advantage of not being protected by patents from companies such as UDC For more on Cynora, see our articles from SID BC17 Cynora Progressing on TADF Blue and Cynora Promises High-Efficiency Blue TADF OLED in 2017. (BR)