LG Adds Stylus but Removes Flagship Screen

Before the G4 smartphone has even finished its worldwide rollout, LG has expanded the range with two new devices: the G4 Stylus (G4 Stylo in North America and Korea) and G4C. Internally, both are more mid-range devices than LG’s new flagship.

A true phablet, the G4 Stylus has a 5.7″ display, compared to 5.5″ in the G4. It is supplied with LG’s Rubberdium stylus. The G4C, meanwhile, has a 5″ display.

Despite the larger screen, resolution on the Stylus model has fallen from 538ppi on the original G4 to just 258ppi, while the G4C has a density of 294ppi.

The cameras on both models have been downgraded from 16MP (rear) and 8MP (front) to 13MP and 5MP, while RAM has fallen from 3GB to 1GB. Storage is 8GB, compared to 32GB in the G4.

Both phones have quad-core 1.2GHz processors (1.4GHz octa-core on the 3G version of the Stylus) and 3,000mAh (Stylus)/2,450mAh (G4C) batteries.

LG will launch the G4 Stylus and G4C in ‘key strategic markets’ over the coming weeks. Pricing will be announced at the time of local launch.