LFD Touch Moves to PCap but Big LFD Share Growing

A hat-tip to for getting hold of some interesting data from IHS Markit that is part of the data that the researcher supplies to members of the Digital Signage Federation in the US. Data in the quarterly summary included:

  • IHS expects the public display monitor shipments will exceed 4.7 million units by 2021;
  • 55″ screens are still the industry sweet spot in terms of popular size, but shipments of >60″ public display monitors grew 32.3% QoQr. 70–79″ public display monitors increased 40.9% QoQ while 60–69″ public display monitors grew 30.6% QoQ;
  • Ultra-high definition (UHD) displays – aka 4K – are just 8.2% of all displays shipped in Q2, but IHS says as “various brands continue to expand their respective product
    portfolios and UHD resolution expands to smaller screen sizes, the rate of adoption will increase because of the lower price point associated with these products.” It could be 33% of displays shipped for signage by 2021;
  • Touch displays are less than 10% of the market, but when touch is ordered, end-users want PCap. “Optical touch shipments declined 94.6% QoQ while projected capacitive increased 365.6% QoQ. The latter, which represented a mere 9.8% market share in the first quarter of 2017 (Q1 2017), had a 45.7% market share in Q2 2017. Infrared (IR) remains the leading touch technology with a 51.8% market share;”
  • Overall prices are going up for flat panels. “The average selling price (ASP) of a public display monitor is expected to increase from $1,924 in 2016 to $2,095 in 2017. This increase is due to a shift in demand for specialty products, such as ultra-narrow bezels, integrated touch, and higher brightness levels, which increases revenue because of the higher ASPs associated with these products.”