Lenovo Shrinks VR PCs

Lenovo has unveiled a new VR-ready AIO PC, is designed to enable VR in a smaller form factor, at Gamescom in Germany.

Lenovo has made the IdeaCentre AIO Y910 moddable – a rarity in AIOs but essential for gamers – by integrating a removable back cover to access the core components (GPU, RAM and storage).

The display is 27″, with 2560 x 1440 resolution. It refreshes at 144Hz and has a 5ms response time. An Intel Realsense 3D depth camera is built in to the bottom of the screen. The display can also be used as a standalone monitor, without turning on the PC.

In terms of components, the PC can feature either Nvidia or AMD graphics: up to the new GTX 1080 or an RX 460 graphics card, which is FreeSync compatible. It runs Windows 10 on an Intel processor (up to sixth-gen Core i7), with 32GB of DDR4 RAM and a 2TB HDD or 256GB SSD.

HDMI (x2), USB 3.0 (x2) and RJ45 ports are featured. The PC will go on sale in September, starting at €1,460. The VR-ready model, with a GTX 1070 GPU, will go on sale in October for €1,780. Prices are ex VAT.

Analyst Comment

The addition of a separate display input seems a good idea to me. That makes the unit a nice family asset, as it could be used to improve a corporate notebook as well as being used for games and other home applications. (BR)