Lemoptix to Show Miniature Projection System for Smartglasses at CES 2015

Lemoptix, the Swiss based developer of scanned laser projection engines for a variety of applications like HUD and augmented reality smartglasses, has announced a new ultra small projection engine for augmented reality smartglasses. The company develops scanning laser devices and optical engines, which are licensed to manufacturers around the globe.

So far, all augmented reality headsets have used relatively large projection engines, which makes the headsets somewhat awkward to wear. This, together with price, are possible explanations for the minimal consumer interest in this technology at the moment.

Lemoptix has now developed a scanned laser projection system that includes light sources, optics and MEMS mirror in a package of only 0.85 cubic centimeter. For comparison, the Google Glass optical engine, including the electronics, fills over 7 cubic centimetres. This is a significant reduction in overall size and may help to build more user acceptable augmented reality devices in the future. However, the use of a laser beam pointing towards the wearer’s eye could prove to be a marketing challenge.

Lemoptix has announced that it will present its new optical design engine at CES 2015. – Norbert Hildebrand