LEDs Coming for Lighting

Daniel den Englesen is a veteran of Philips who is now working with ABInfo. Although based in the Netherlands, he also does some work in Brazil and is also an Associate Professor at Brunel University. He is also a visiting professor at the SouthEast University in Jiangsu, China. He spoke about LEDs in lighting and in backlights. After looking at the way that LEDs are packaged, he pointed out that 63% of a typical LED cost is in the packaging.

LEDs are getting more and more efficient and Cree has recently announced that it has achieved 250 lm/W using blue LEDs with YAG phosphor, although the theoretical efficiency could eventually get up to 360 lm/W. This boost in efficiency will be very important in reducing the power taken by lighting. For lighting, LED has to have a good Colour Rendering Index (CRI). The value of the LED lighting market will grow very strongly between now and 2019, when lighting will take close to 70% of the LED market by value.

OLED lighting is also being developed, but OLED is still some way behind the curve of LED.