Strategy Analytics: Larger Smartphones Increase in Consumer Acceptance

A new report from Strategy Analytics surveying consumers in the US, Western Europe, China and India has explored consumer smartphone size preference.

Flagship device sizes between 5” and 5.5” continue to be preferred by most, especially in China and India where a device of 5.5” is considered “ideal” by most. Consumers in all markets surveyed are showing greater interest in larger devices compared to 2017.

A larger percentage of respondents in the US and Western Europe found larger devices to be an ideal size in 2018, compared to 2017, while half of respondents in India found devices with a screen size of 5.5” ideal in 2018, compared to half of respondents citing 5” as ideal in 2017.

Meanwhile, in China, around half of respondents found devices with a screen size of 5.5” ideal in 2018, compared to only a third in 2017. Report author and associate director Christopher Dodge commented:

“The primary dChristopher Dodge associate directorrivers for larger displays are likely to be stemming from greater productivity and entertainment capabilities, thinner, more ergonomic smartphone designs, increased screen resolution, clarity, quality and the overall increase in resourcefulness. Smartphones are becoming the control hub for more and more connected devices and services”.

Chris Schreiner, Director of Syndicated Research at UXIP, added:

“Optimising one-handed usability and adding value through advanced implementations and HMI (e.g., voice and digital assistants) will reduce physical effort and friction when interacting with larger displays and push preference for larger devices even further.”

Analyst Comment

I recently updated to a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which has a bigger screen than I have ever used. The 6.4″ display is very good and makes use very convenient. So far, I haven’t found it too big, but I guess I might. The battery life is very good, although I haven’t used it intensively on a business trip, yet, which is when I really push the battery life. (BR)