L.A. LIVE Experience Upgraded with 10 New S|Video™ LED Displays

Sansi North America (SNA) Displays is excited to announce the completion of a 10-screen project at L.A. LIVE, a sports and entertainment district located in downtown Los Angeles.

The new display technology serves as an integral part of the ambiance at L.A. LIVE, home to the STAPLES Center, Microsoft Theater, and the GRAMMY Museum among other venues.

The sizeable and complex project was led by the YESCO special projects team based in Las Vegas. Installation crews from YESCO’s Las Vegas and Los Angeles offices performed all onsite integration of the Sansi LED display hardware and will provide ongoing maintenance for the LED display technology.

“The YESCO team was very impressed with SNA throughout all phases of this integration,” said Rick Juleen, vice president of special projects for YESCO. “From the initial design and engineering phase through final commissioning of the displays, SNA’s staff and products were excellent to work with.”

All new L.A. LIVE screens are from SNA Display’s S|Video™ exterior product line and feature an 8 mm pixel pitch. The displays include a rectangular main courtyard screen, a long ribbon display, six courtyard tower displays, a tight-radius “prow” screen standing high above the courtyard, and a wall-mounted display outside of the STAPLES Center.

Eight of the 10 screens feature a custom radius, allowing for a unique curved shape and reach of more viewers in the area. The tower displays were retrofitted to replace outdated LED technology.

Of the 10 displays, by far the largest of the project is the single-sided LED screen located in the complex’s courtyard. It measures 20 feet high and 38 feet wide and is 750 x 1,440 pixels. The LED ribbon display snakes along a curved wall outside Microsoft Theater, stretching 121 feet long. The theater’s 13’6″ high by 36′ wide (510 x 1,360 pixels) “prow” screen features a very tight radius and wraps around the building’s corner, providing a 180-degree viewing experience. The six Microsoft Square tower displays are identical and can be viewed from a variety of angles and vantage points, with each measuring 13′ high and 27′ wide (480 x 880 pixels) and curving around their respective towers. Lastly, the wall-mounted STAPLES Center screen measures 16′ high and 20′ wide (600 x 760 pixels).

Combined, the project includes more than 5.7 million pixels.

“High-profile projects like L.A. LIVE are particularly rewarding to work on because we get to see the hard work showcased during some of the most popular televised events,” says Carl Hubben, P.E., director of project management for SNA Displays. “Building a custom radius on eight of the 10 displays we retrofitted in Microsoft Square was a challenge, but with a diligent review process and precision fabrication, everything matched perfectly. We’re definitely proud of the finished product.”

All LED S|Video™ displays at L.A. LIVE employ outdoor surface-mount device (SMD) technology, where the LEDs in each pixel are packaged together, allowing for crisp, clear imagery and a widened viewing experience.

Additionally, Sansi provided a unique technology solution for the towers’ accent lighting feature. The full color, programmable lighting, installed by YESCO with custom reflectors for indirect viewing, is comprised of SNA’s S|ThruMedia® strips. Each diode on the LED strips has a custom lens to direct light in a 12-degree cone, focusing each light beam on the reflectors. SNA designed and manufactured 32 custom LED strips to accommodate the geometric diversity of the towers.

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About L.A. LIVE

L.A. LIVE is a 4-million-square-foot sports and entertainment district in downtown Los Angeles surrounding the STAPLES Center and Microsoft Theater. Billed as “The Most Entertaining Place on the Planet,” L.A. LIVE has been open since 2007 and includes sports and music venues, night clubs, restaurants, movie theaters, a bowling alley and a museum. Events at L.A. LIVE include A-list concerts, the GRAMMY Awards, the Emmy Awards, NBA games, NHL games, and much more. Visit for more information.

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