Kyulux Signs Joint Development Agreement with Samsung

Kyulux, a thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) and hyperfluorescence developer, has been engaged in a joint development focusing on blue TADF and hyperfluorescence with LG since January 2018. Now, the company has forged a joint development agreement (JDA) focusing on deep blue with Samsung.

As Kyulux announced in July, the company has successfully developed some promising blue materials and would like to accelerate blue TADF and hyperfluorescence development.

CEO Junji Adachi rjadac0416 02 orig procemarked:

“I’m really excited about the JDAs with LG and Samsung. It means a lot that the global dominant OLED display players chose us as a TADF and hyperfluorescence developer. I feel confident that Kyulux can provide the world’s first commercially viable hyperfluorescence — not only blue but also red and green — for AMOLED in mid-2019.

Details and terms of the agreements have not been disclosed. Last month, the company announced it had improved the efficiency of its blue hyperfluorescence emitter.

Analyst Comment

In the battle between Cynora and Kylux, Samsung is backing both horses, which is not surprising as, whoever wins, Samsung’s OLED business will benefit. (BR)