Kyocera’s Automotive Screens Operate in Heat and Cold

Kyocera has shown new automotive TFT-LCD displays at the 2014 Vehicle Display Symposium in the USA. Ranging from 1.8″ to 8″, the units include features such as wide viewing angles and extreme operating temperatures.

A 1.8″ display for heads-up display applications uses LTPS technology, reaching 480 x 240 resolution in a small form factor. Viewing angles are 170 deg , with a 1,200:1 contrast ratio.

Next was a 4.2″ driver information display, with 480 x 272 resolution and 170 deg viewing angles. Again, the contrast ratio is over 1,000:1 and the unit can operate in temperatures between -30 deg and 85 deg .

Finally Kyocera introduced an 8″ TFT-LCD for configurable instrument cluster applications. The screen has the same wide operating temperature range as the driver information display. Resolution is 800 x 480, with 500 cd/m