Kverve Optics Gets Funding from projectiondesign Founder Jorn Eriksen

Kverve Optics AS is proud to announce that the co-founder of Projectiondesign AS, Mr. Jorn Eriksen, has bought 40% of Kverve Optics AS and that Mr. Eriksen will take the position as the Chairman of the Board.

Projectiondesign AS is a manufacturer of a portfolio of high end projectors to the professional world market and was acquired by Barco in 2013.

Kverve Optics AS is a Norwegian start-up company developing a new type of VR/AR spectacles based on an unique and innovative optical concept (patented) which encompasses a miniature collimator in front of each eye. The new spectacles doubles both the HFOV and the resolution compared to most wearable VR/AR products available on the market today. In addition to the VR and AR capabilities, the product also supports stereo inside 50 degrees VFOV in both modes.

Olav Sandnes, the founder of Kverve Optics AS says; “We are honored and delighted to welcome Jorn Eriksen on-board. Jorn has exactly the right technical and business experiences the company needs to make the new wearable VR/AR solution a commercial success. On top of that, Jorn is also one of the most motivating professionals I have ever worked with.”

Jorn Eriksen says: “The market for wearable VR/AR products is in rapid growth and I think the new VR/AR concept stands a good chance to become a game changer. The months ahead will be very exciting and I cannot wait to see our guys doing road-shows all over. I might even do some traveling myself.”

Analyst Comment

The ability to create a collimated display in a head-mounted device is unique and should offer a very pleasing visual experience. Kverve Optics is now confirmed to discuss this technology and showcase the headset at the upcoming Display Summit event June 15-16. Plus, having Eriksen onboard is a very favorable vote of confidence in the new technology. – CC