Korea’s DMS Pursue LCD Opportunities With CSOT and Tianma

Last year, DMS signed a contract worth 17.4 billion ($13 million) won with Tianma for LCD manufacturing equipment. Tianma was reportedly using the equipment to supply its TM18 and TM19 factories in Fujian. Now, the company is announcing a 46.7 billion won ($35 million) LCD equipment order with CSOT, the equivalent of 15% of its sales last year. CSOT is expected to use the equipment from DMS to update its T9 line at its 8.6 Gen factory in Guangzhou.

DMS sells equipment used in both LCD and OLED manufacturing to the likes of LG Display, BOE, CSOT, and HKC. Part of the merit of the announcement of the deal with CSOT is that it is helping the company rebound from a number of quarters of being in the doldrums so, the financial community needed to hear its message. The second part is the fact that it should remind everyone that the LCD market is not dead for Korean companies.

DMS financials in 100s of millions of won with revenues and operating profit, and net margins. (Source: DMS)
DMS (Millions $)RevenueOperating Profit Net Profit