Kiosks and Kitchen Display Systems Create Better Experiences and More Orders

Fiserv has announced the release of Clover Kiosk and an updated Clover Kitchen Display System. These products are designed to work together and with other Clover devices and software to offer order management solutions for both quick-service and full-service restaurants.

Source: Fiserv

The Clover Kiosk comes with a 24-inch touch screen and an 8-inch payment terminal, and includes a built-in printer. Fast food customers can browse menus, put in their orders, and pay all in one spot,reducing queue times and making fast food faster. The system is intended to improve order accuracy and increase average ticket sizes, too, because more options and add-ons can be given to the customer whereas, traditionally, it’s up to someone at the counter to see if they can convince you to move to curly fries from straight fries, just for few more cents.