Kickstarter Coming for Consumer Holographic Displays

A US-based company called Holographic Optical Technologies (HOT) will soon begin a Kickstarter campaign, aiming to bring (static) holographic displays to consumers.

HOT’s experience comes from holographic medical displays. It will begin its new campaign on the 20th April, introducing consumer models called the Voxbox (8″) and Voxbox Pro (22″). A hologram production service will also be offered, where users can send in 3D data to be turned into a Voxgram hologram.

Voxgram holograms are 3D sculptures of light, rather than optical illusions like Pepper’s Ghost (used by, for instance, Holocube). The ‘sculptures’ project out towards the viewer from the screen, and viewers can reach into them. The technology was developed from work by Voxel and Holorad, and has been used in medical procedures in the past – such as the separation of conjoined twins in Utah in 2006.