KFC Adds Signage in the UK

KFC in the UK and Ireland is experimenting with digital signage in the UK to improve communications and coordination in its 850 QSRs in the region. It has been working with Pioneer Digital on a ‘Meeting on the Box’ concept which allows the displays that are primarily used as digital menu boards to be used as virtual meeting places in the time before they open. This has reduced the need for travel and physical meeting spaces.

It can be difficult to cascade messages across 850 restaurants,” KFC head of IT Brad Scheiner told Retail Design World. “With digital we can be very consistent with our messages. The displays are used to communicate new marketing windows, new products and upcoming menu developments. Additionally, instructional videos are sent directly to restaurants by our operations team, and played through the central screen of the five-display setup before the restaurant opens in the morning, something which would have been unfeasible before the system’s introduction”.

The companies continue to investigate other applications including more outdoor displays and the use of beacons.

KFC Pioneer Group