Jumptuit: The iOS Smart TV Connection

Jumptuit has added an all new iOS App to a seamless multi-platform solution that connects smart phones, tablets, PCs, smart TVs and leading cloud services. The all new Jumptuit iOS App is developed in Swift, Apple’s innovative programming language.

Consumers want to easily access and view photos and videos from their iPhones and iPads on their smart TVs without the need for AirPlay or other mirroring software. With mirroring solutions, consumers can experience lag times and interruptions when playing media. In addition, turning on mirroring limits the ability of consumers to multi-task on their mobile devices and consumes battery life.

With Jumptuit, your media on your iOS device plays instantly and smoothly through the Jumptuit TV native app. The Jumptuit TV user interface is designed specifically for the smart TV and includes voice search.

Donald Leka, Founder and CEO of Jumptuit, explains that, “The best way to share family photos and videos on your iOS device with friends and family is on the big screen. Jumptuit connects your iOS device directly to your Sony, Vizio, Sharp, Philips and other smart TVs for a seamless media experience.”

All you need to do is install the Jumptuit App on your iOS device from the App Store and smart TV from the Google Play Store. If you have Sonos or another wireless sound system connected to your smart TV you have the ultimate home media experience.

Jumptuit TV supports 2015 Sony Vizio, Sharp and Philips models. If you have a smart TV that is an older model or a different make, you can access your iPhone and iPad photos and videos by installing the Jumptuit TV App on a set top box like the Google Nexus player.

Easy Setup

Is it possible to create an easy to use, seamless and elegant multi-platform solution for consumers? The answer is a resounding yes.

Install the iOS Jumptuit App on your iPhone and/or iPad
In the Jumptuit iOS App, sync your photos and videos to the cloud service of your choice or to free storage in Jumptuit by selecting your iOS device in the connected Source Menu.
Install the Jumptuit TV App on your Sony, Vizio, Philips or Sharp smart TV or on the Google Nexus Player.
Voila! Now you can begin enjoying your personal photos and home movies with your family and friends on the big screen!