JOLED Set for Production

OLEDNet has reported that at the IMID 2017 Business Forum in Seoul, Joled of Japan said that it now has a stable inkjet process for OLEDs with 220 ppi, with further development work to get to 300 ppi although there are issues such as accuracy and stability at G8.5, which is a target. The OLEDs would be based on an oxide TFT transistor substrate. He also said that mid-sized tablets and monitors are the target applications for the company, rather than the smartphones or TVs being made by the Korean companies. Mass production of the company’s 21.6″ UltraHD OLED is slated for the second half of 2018. (JOLED Samples 21.6″ UHD Printed OLED Monitor Displays)

JOLED is developing inkjet printing of OLEDs.