JOLED Plans 21.6″ UHD OLED Production

By Bob Raikes

The Nikkei has reported that JOLED has developed a 21.6″ UltraHD OLED panel that can be made using inkjet technology and with a target of 2018 for volume production, although testing of production has already started. The company has a G4.5 production line (JOLED Prints Large OLEDs).

Analyst Comment

Inkjet has been a target for OLED makers since the beginning as the vapour deposition method, used by Samsung and LG, is very wasteful of very expensive OLED materials. However, there have been challenges in achieving uniformity as well as developing materials with good enough efficiency that can be solution processed into the ink. Both Sony and Panasonic were working on this and have demonstrated TV samples in the past. They put their technologies together into JOLED in 2013. (BR)