JDI Upgrades 21.3″ 5MP Panel to Reduce Power with LTPS

JDI has introduced a new 21.3″ 5:4 aspect ratio monitor panel which uses an LTPS backplane to improve light efficacy and contrast as well as allowing slimmer borders. The expected application of the panel, which supports 2048 x 2560 (5 megapixel) resolution at 2,000 cd/m² with 1,700:1 contrast (up from 1,500:1), is medical. The use of LTPS, with its improved aperture ratio means that the panel sees less power consumption at 36W compared to the previous version which was based on a-si. This can reduce the need for cooling fans.

The display borders are down from 10mm to 5.4mm which may make the panel more popular in multi-display use. The panel will be available as a sample in Q4 2017, with mass production in Q2 2018.

JDI’s medical LTPS panel reduces power and trims borders. Image:JDI

Analyst Comment

As far as I know, this is the first large LTPS panel (above notebook size) for some time. Back some years, Toshiba (whose panel division ended as part of JDI) had a 27″ TV panel using LTPS that, as far as I am aware, was only ever used by Eizo in a very expensive LCD TV. At the time, the motion response was, by far, the best I had ever seen from an LCD, but the very high pricing and, I suspect, supply limitations, meant that the product didn’t become mainstream. The problem was, as I understand it, ensuring very even performance of the LTPS process over large areas – one of the challenges that Samsung could not overcome when it tried to develop OLED TV panels using LTPS. (BR)