JDI Looks for OLED Developments

JDI, in its search for a way to rebuild its business following the loss of much of Apple’s business to Samsung’s OLED display business, has set up a Marketing & Innovation Strategy Control Division that will be run by a new appointee, Kazuaki Ito, who has come from an appliance maker, Aqua, which was the former Sanyo refrigerator and washing machine business and is now owned by Haier. He is reported to have had a significant impact on the domestic appliance business in Japan.

Nikkei reported that JOLED, which JDI has a 15% stake in, has been approaching ‘dozens’ of investors, including Sony and Canon, to get funds to develop an OLED production facility for large OLEDs using inkjet printing. JDI is also looking for ways to fund a move into small OLED volume production.

Analyst Comment

There have been rumours that Apple is looking to buy some smartphone panels from JDI again. That would not be surprising as Apple must hate both depending so much on Samsung and also giving the company so much money. (BR)