JDI Demonstrates Small, High-Res Panels

Japan Display (JDI) has shown new panels at Display Innovations 2014 in Japan. As well as a small, high-resolution unit, the company showed a panel for automotive applications and an OLED product.

Using LTPS transistors, JDI has developed an 8″ UltraHD panel. Supporting features commonly desired for mobile applications – low power draw, lightweight, thin and a slim border – the panel also has a finger- and pen-touch function. JDI’s IPS-Neo technology (Display Monitor Vol 20 No 21) has enabled the panel to reach 95% NTSC coverage. It also uses the company’s WhiteMagic (Display Monitor Vol 20 No 22) and PixelEyes (Display Monitor Vol 20 No 23) technologies.

WhiteMagic and IPS-Neo are also utilised in JDI’s automotive panel, for instrument clusters. The curved unit has a high contrast ratio to improve visibility for drivers. It was shown in combination with a projected head-up display.

Finally, JDI was demonstrating a 5.2″ bendable OLED panel, with 1920 x 1080 resolution. The company calls this a ‘Sheet OLED’; OLED-Info speculates that this means it can be placed on a curved surface, but is not flexible.

Display Daily Comments

We have liked the use of the word “conformable” for displays that can be “bent once”, like the curved displays used in Samsung and LG smartphones. (BR)