Japan Display Inc Shows 8K based Light Field Display

Japan Display Inc. (JDI) was showing an upgrade to an 8K based glasses-free 3D monitor that they said used light field technology. It is based on a 17.3” 8K panel.

At last year’s SID, JDI showed the prototype with a static image. This was shown again this year but a second version was shown with a moving image. The static image version showed a parallax difference but the moving image version was harder to see the parallax change due to the motion of the girl in the very short sequence. We were told the panel is the same, so it must be showing vertical and horizontal parallax changes, but not much. The total depth volume was no more than 4-5 inches but it offers a very wide 130º field of view.


The prototypes were developed in conjunction with NHK Media Technology Corp., who developed the content and processing to display the light field image.

The display was detailed in paper 21-4 and it shows this is a barrier type display that does not appear to create real images nor solve the accommodation-vergence problem, so is really an auto-stereoscopic, not a light field display. According to their paper, it improves relative 3D resolution, which they don’t seem to define. – CC