Jade Bird Display Raises Significant Funds in New Investment Round

Jade Bird Display 3 million nit green µLED display scaled

Shanghai’s Jade Bird Display (JBD), maybe feeling the headwinds of MicroLED interest, is said to have successfully raised hundreds of millions of yuan ($10s of millions) in its latest A3+ and A4 financing rounds. The financing deals were closed in the first week of June, 2023, and the final figures will probably be available shortly. JBD was the first company to mass-produce and ship MicroLEDs globally. Prominent investors in JBD include Alibaba, Samsung, BYD, and Geely.

With over 500 employees, 80% being technicians, JBD’s production capabilities range from monochrome and tri-color display panels to microdisplay development kits, display screens, light engines, and light modules. Their Hefei plant aims to increase annual MicroLED micro-display capacity to 120 million units.

The A3+ round investors included BYD, the Intellectual Property Fund under Shanghai Science & Technology Venture Capital (Group) Co, Ltd, and GF Qianhe. The A4 round was led by Alibaba, Geely, and V Star Capital, with existing shareholders upping their stakes.