IT Life Cycles Differ by Company Size in Poland

PMR’s latest research report covers the IT market in Poland, which is dominated by large companies as customers. These companies invest heavily in advanced implementations, despite relatively high saturation and short lifespan of computing systems. However, in the current economic climate, even these clients have to optimise their spending.

Of particular interest to our readers are the companies’ reply to PMR’s question about life cycles. Large (1,000+ employees) were found to hang on to desktops for 4.7 years, compared to 5.3 years in businesses with fewer than 500 employees. Laptops had a much shorter life cycle: 4.2 years in large firms.

Because smartphones are generally offered on a two-year contract, all businesses – regardless of size – averaged a 2-year life span for these products. In fact, large businesses were found to hold on to handsets for slightly longer (2.4 years, compared to 2.2 years in small firms).

PMR found that about 22% of large companies used smartphones as access terminals for business trends – a significant rise from a survey conducted in 2013.

Average IT Equipment Life Cycle in Poland (Years)
Enterprise Size Desktops Laptops Servers Smartphones
Sub-500 employees 5.3 4.6 6.6 2.2
500-999 employees 5.4 4.7 6.2 2.2
1,000+ employees 4.7 4.2 5.7 2.4
Source: PMR