Irish Touch and Gesture Technology Licensor, Neodrón Limited, Reaches Settlement with Top Consumer Electronics Companies

Neodrón Limited, a leading Dublin, Ireland-based licensor of technology focused on the touch sensor market, announced that it reached a settlement with ten of the world’s largest consumer electronics companies.

The settlement brings an end to various high profile legal actions concerning allegations of patent infringement against those companies, based on their importation and sale of smartphones, tablets and laptops having certain advanced capacitive touchscreens. The legal actions were brought by Neodrón beginning in 2019 in Germany, China, and the United States (including before the International Trade Commission).

Aoife Butler, General Counsel of Atlantic IP Services Ltd., Neodrón’s management company, commented: “We are very pleased with this outcome. We had accomplished an incredible string of favorable rulings and other success in the infringement actions. This settlement further vindicates the strength and fundamental nature of the Neodrón patent portfolio. The lifeblood of any economy is innovation. And there can be no innovation without a strong, robust patent system, which spurs innovation by protecting the rights of patent holders, including the monetization of intellectual property. This outcome is an example of the patent system working. And the settlement confirms there is a cohesive and, indeed, complementary relationship between innovation and industry when patent rights are enforced and licensed the right way.”

About Neodrón

Neodrón is a technology licensing company based in Dublin, Ireland covering capacitive touch sensors and touch controllers. Established in 2018, Neodrón has assembled one of the world’s most essential and comprehensive intellectual property portfolios in the capacitive touch sensor space.

Neodrón’s patents enable capacitive touch sensor and controller functionality for smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, smart appliances, and automotive displays. Neodrón will continue to protect this valuable technology against infringers.