iPhone 15 Sales in China and the US Show Contrasting Trends

Initial sales data for the iPhone 15 series in China indicate a slowdown compared to last year’s iPhone 14, as per early findings from Counterpoint Research. However, the early sales figures from the US paint a different picture, showing strong demand across all iPhone 15 models, particularly the Pro Max.

Source: Counterpoint

In China, the iPhone 15 series sales during the first 17 days didn’t match the sales performance of the iPhone 14 series from the previous year. The China data is pointing to a broader decrease in consumer spending. Factors such as a shorter pre-holiday shopping period and supply mismatches for the Pro Max model, particularly the blue variant, might influence this trend. Counterpoint suggests that this could shift some demand to the fourth quarter of the calendar year.

On the other hand, early sales numbers from the US during the first 9 days of the iPhone 15 release showed an increase in overall unit sales. The initial response to the iPhone 15 series in the US has been positive, with many iPhone 11 and 12 users likely to upgrade. However, this data only covers the initial sales period, but it does provide a counterpoint to the sales figures from China.