Introducing Barco’s Ideation Wall. Explore Creativity Without Borders

A meeting room is a magically efficient place. A place where thoughts are explained, opportunities are explored, decisions are taken, the toughest deals are closed and the brightest ideas come to live.

Where people discuss, think out loud, align, convince and brainstorm. A place with unlimited options for creativity vital to create real business value…

Visualization plays an essential role in business ideation and collaboration. As a pioneer in large screen imaging and wireless collaboration, Barco has the knowledge and expertise to design equipment that helps people visualize their vision in support of collaborative ‘brain-sharing’ sessions. That is why Barco introduces the Ideation Wall to help you unleash the best ideas and to support the most interactive and collaborative meetings at your enterprise.

The Ideation Wall consists of several building blocks that are unique on their own, but when combined, they complement each other offering you a high-value, flexible and easy-to-install collaboration tool to support your ideation sessions, making them even more productive and satisfying. By simply combining a Barco UniSee LCD video wall, a specifically designed Touch frame for Barco UniSee and a ClickShare CSE-800 which supports annotation, blackboarding and TouchBack out of the box, you create a single, unified experience in your meeting room allowing you to enjoy both the interactivity features that our wireless collaboration solution ClickShare CSE-800 offers and the seamless viewing experience of Barco UniSee, never seen on LCD video walls before.

Share your ideas wirelessly from your own device, whether it is a laptop, mobile or tablet onto a large-pixel seamless canvas, a meeting screen with perfectly balanced image quality and the most vibrant colors at all time. Transform your enterprise meeting room into a room for simple, seamless and straightforward brainstorm and ideation sessions on an amazingly bright screen, with real-time calibration.

Tap into ideation and interactivity with the application you prefer. Three different use cases are defined allowing you to use the Ideation Wall according to your needs:

  • Use the on board ClickShare CSE-800 software features for annotation and blackboarding;
  • Use any application on your laptop combined with interactive TouchBack capabilities via the ClickShare CSE-800;
  • Use specific ideation software from our Strategic Alliance partners on a separate desktop which is connected to the ClickShare CSE-800 using the HDMI input.

The Ideation Wall is a fully interoperable and pre-validated reference design. With this new ideation experience which is worked out and validated by Barco, Barco emphasizes its thought leadership position in the corporate ideation field.

In a first phase, the Ideation Wall will be available for customers in EMEA with more regions to follow soon. Contact the Authorized Barco resellers to have this ideation experience delivered to you.