Intertrust, Samsung deliver Secure HbbTV 2.0 for Italy

Samsung has a partnership with Intertrust Technologies to include DRM software in its HbbTV 2.0-enabled Smart TVs for users in Italy. The solution will be available in early 2017 to video service providers in Italy, where both companies say they enjoy a strong partnership with TivùOn!, a joint venture owned by Mediaset, RAI and Telecom Italia. TivùOn! launched in July 2016 using Marlin DRM and technology from the Multimedia Home Platform (MHP). TivùOn! has announced plans to transition to HbbTV 2.0 in 2017. Intertrust and Samsung are both founders of the Marlin DRM open standard and claim that Marlin is currently the world’s leading open standard for DRM used extensively in Europe, China and Japan.