Intel Result 31/07/2017

Intel announced its FY17 Q2 result with revenues of $14.8 billion and operating income of $3.8 billion and with an operating margin of 26%. Revenue increased by 9% on a yearly basis while the operating income was up 190% on yearly basis. The net income was $2.8 billion with a 110% jump from last year’s figure of $1.3 billion.

All business segments except the Programmable Solutions Group witnessed a positive growth in revenues on a yearly basis, with the non-volatile memory solutions group recording the highest growth of 58%. The company’s main business segment of Client Computing group recorded 12% yearly growth.

The company forecasts FY17 Q3 revenues of $15.7 billion and operating income at $4.3 billion.

Analyst Comment

190% growth in operating income is quite an achievement. We have seen and heard of a lot of cost cutting. Let’s hope it doesn’t eat into the long term success of the company. (BR)