Intel Promises Thunderbolt at Computex

Companies have begun to release information about their presence at the upcoming Computex show in Taipei this June.

China’s Holitech produces LCD and touch panel products. At Computex, it will focus on mobile devices and applications for industrial control – specifically capacitive touch panels (CTP); touch panel and liquid crystal module integration; electrophoretic; and smart wearing products.

Intel will show ‘the next generation of Thunderbolt’ at a press event. Although no details were revealed, Intel has been working on ways to raise data transfer speed, saying in the past that transfer could reach up to 50Gbps. Intel’s event will also cover USB-C 3.1, which it says is complementary to Thunderbolt.

A smartwatch/wristband flexible electronic paper display will be shown, with capacitive touch. A smartwatch display will also be on show (the company describes the product’s structure as ‘Cover + CTP + LCD (TFT/AMOLED)’, so we are waiting for more information to be released), as will a PMOLED wristband display.