Intel Acquires Lemoptix

News has only recently emerged that Intel has acquired Swiss scanning micromirror technology firm Lemoptix. According to a notice on Lemoptix’s website, the transaction was completed last month, though no further details have been forthcoming.

The Swiss firm was a spin-off from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and follows Intel’s acquisition earlier this year of Composyt Light Labs, which was also spun-off from (EPFL) (Intel Buys Composyt Light Labs – Shopping Spree Continues). Lemoptix had been working with Composyt Light Labs at the time of the acquisition.

Lemoptix was formed in 2008 and applications of its technology range from head up displays to embedded projectors for smartphones and 3D sensing for 3D printing. Composyt Light Labs was founded just last year to commercialise a see-through display architecture invented at EPFL.