Insurance Campaign Exploits Viewer Movement

Startup insurance company, Haftpflicht Helden, has engaged WallDecaux, part of JCDecaux, to provide a DOOH campaign promoting its services in Berlin, designed by Publicis Pixelparks. The displays have been fitted with a sensor, so that when there are people nearby they are activated, and the display reacts to their distance. A frantic butler will plead with passers-by to be careful not to break an expensive vase. He becomes more agitated as people move about, until the vase smashes into tiny pieces.

The campaign implies that the insurer may be unlikely to pay up. Haftpflicht Helden is then promoted as a responsible, reliable insurer. Research shows that 50% of respondents have seen the campaign and the business has seen 100,00 visits to its website in response.

Berlin Frantic Butler