Inside-Out Tracking is Positive for Hololens

An article on the ‘RoadtoVR’ blog highlights a feature of the Microsoft Hololens that keeps track of objects in the real world and tracks (and differentiates between) static and dynamic objects in the real environment to ensure that virtual content is mapped accurately to the real world. It calls the feature “inside-out” tracking. The blog posted a video showing the quality of the tracking. The blog still sees a weakness in the limited field of view of the Hololens

At the moment, this kind of field of view is an aspiration. Image:Microsoft

Analyst Comment

I have only had a very limited demonstration of the Hololens, at the SID. However, what impressed me most was the ability of the system to map the virtual world onto the real world which is the ‘inside-out’ tracking. I have also heard the field of view criticism quite a lot, but we are still in the early days of AR hardware, so I’m optimistic that this will change over time, although optics development takes time. (BR)