Innovative Advantage Upgrades Streams From HD to 4K in Business Jets With the intoPIX TICO RDD35 Technology

intoPIX is excited to announce that Innovative Advantage, leaders in Aircraft audio and video distribution systems, has integrated the TICO RDD35 technology in its AVDS – Audio Video Distribution System. To be part of the latest trends and because their jets are used as “meeting rooms in the sky” as well, Innovative Advantage contacted intoPIX to find a solution to distribute 4K content for their business jet customers.

These customers expect the highest quality content during those long flights with all communication means to continue working and meeting at cruising altitude.

Using TICO Technology, Innovative Advantage is now able to upgrade all aircraft from HD to 4K, and install 4K monitors in their business jets, without having to completely re-think the wiring system and consequently their certification. This upgrade represents a major value for the business jet community, typically very demanding in their access and use of the most advanced technological knowhow.

intoPIX was the only one to allow perfect quality video in full 4K60 to be carried over the existing AVDS backbone and certified infrastructure with ease of integration” explained Greg Smith, VP Engineering at Innovative Advantage.

Our TICO technology allows to move from an HD solution to a 4K solution while maintaining 3G SDI with an extremely low complexity, low latency and lossless image quality. We are delighted to have been able to meet these needs” said Catherine Stroobants, Field Application Engineer at intoPIX.

TICO-RDD35 is a smart upgrade path to manage higher resolutions (4K, 8K, …) and frame rates while assuring visual quality, keeping power and bandwidth at a reasonable budget and significantly reducing the complexity and cost of a system, a chip or an infrastructure.

Both companies welcome you to contact their sales teams to sample the TICO technology & the Innovative Advantage’s AVDS.

About Innovative Advantage

Innovative Advantage, Inc. manufactures a leading edge, high-bandwidth network system that delivers high definition audio-visual content along with Gigabit Ethernet over fiber. Over 1200 aircraft are flying with AVDS network. G150, G280, G450/550, G650, Falcon, Global, A319/320/330 and BBJ/747/787. 4K/HD/SD video is distributed around the aircraft on a fault tolerant fiber optic loop and available at every seat or cabin monitor in the aircraft.

About intoPIX

intoPIX is a leading technology provider of innovative compression, image processing and security solutions. We deliver unique FPGA/ASIC IP cores and efficient software solution (CPU & GPU) to manage more pixels, preserve quality with no latency, save cost & power and simplify connectivity. Our solutions enable the Broadcast industry to build new bandwidth-efficient live production workflows, reducing operating costs in HD, 4K or even 8K, replacing uncompressed video, enabling remote production and preserving always the lowest latency and highest quality.

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