Innolux Ushers in the Age of the Metaverse with its Integrated Virtual and In-Person Experience

This year, Innolux Corporation will participate in one of the most highly anticipated annual events of the display industry, the 2022 Touch Taiwan Smart Display Exhibition, held from April 27 through 29 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. Innolux will kick off the exhibition with large-format and ultra-narrow splicing TV Wall and, in addition to presenting its latest technologies and products, will unveil its cutting-edge metaverse applications, including the debut launch of its large-format holographic image displays, a wide range of high-end VR displays, high-end gaming monitors, etc., which are sure to dazzle visitors to the event.

Revolutionizing display technology breaks free from the limitations of flat-panel displays

Innolux leads the world in its launch of the first 140-cm-tall Large Size Floating Image Display, which recreates lifelike images and makes Innolux the industry leader in integrating large-format displays with a special optical design that breaks spatial constraints to bring images to life. The new technology promises to revolutionize the fields of e-commerce and smart education, and will lead to a whole host of new applications on the market. Innolux was recognized for its exceptionally innovative technologies and robust research and development capabilities by the jury of the 2022 Smart Display Application Awards (SDAA 2022), and the technology was awarded the Smart Education and Entertainment Award.

The metaverse craze has drawn the attention of global technology companies to immersive virtual experiences. According to a TrendForce survey, the global market for VR applications is expected to reach 8.31 billion USD by 2025. Innolux has seized this opportunity by utilizing its industry-leading technologies to introduce a wide range of high-end VR displays (from 2.08″ to 3.1″). The VR displays on show at the exhibition include: the 2.08″ Lightweight Flagship VR, which utilizes Innolux’s proprietary integrated display panel and system technology to produce a lightweight and portable display that recreates immersive 3D images with high contrast, high color saturation, and a high refresh rate; the new 2.27″ 2016 ppi Ultra High Resolution VR LCD, which received an Outstanding Award at the 2022 Gold Panel Awards for its industry-leading ultra-high 2,016 ppi resolution that effectively eliminates the screen door effect to produce stunning detail, as well as its wide field of view, high refresh rate, and high color saturation, allowing users to truly immerse themselves in the virtual world and explore; and the 2.56″ miniLED VR, which utilizes Innolux’s proprietary miniLED backlight control technology to produce high dynamic range image quality for pure black and realistic colors, while the integration of wide-gamut and low-power features greatly optimizes the immersive visual experience and revolutionizes consumers’ concepts of what VR can achieve. The 3.1″ High-Definition Light-field VR Display—which combines Innolux’s industry-leading high-definition display panel technology with Coretronic’s unique light-field technology—was produced with support from the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ A+ Program. This display can be used in 3.1″ high-definition light-field VR headsets to allow for visual correction while greatly reducing the visual fatigue and motion sickness that are a common effect of the VR headsets currently on the market, thereby creating a more realistic and comfortable visual experience.


Experience the ultimate in smooth performance on the new frontier in gaming

The growing business opportunities in the metaverse continue to drive strong demand in the global gaming market. Innolux has long invested in the development of industry-leading technologies and has built a line of gaming display panels for laptops, monitors, and even large television screens that can be used with a wide range of applications. Innolux’s new 18″ 360Hz Gaming Notebook, which features an ultra-narrow bezel design and the highest refresh rate (360Hz) in the industry, provides a wide viewing angle, detailed graphics, and smooth gameplay that allows gamers to fully experience the new generation of games. The 27″ Ultrafast miniLED Gaming Monitor uses Innolux’s proprietary InnoLED technology to integrate high-end IGZO panels with miniLED technology, producing miniLED displays with the highest refresh rate (300Hz) on the market. This high-end gaming monitor supports DCI-P3 wide color gamut, ensuring optimal graphics and gaming performance and making it the top choice in large-format 1440p gaming monitors for esports players. Innolux’s proprietary 28″ 4K Low Blue Light Gaming Monitor features a response time that is 40% faster than that of other gaming monitors on the market, allowing players to enjoy silky-smooth gameplay even when playing racing games with fast-moving images. The monitor also comes with a wide color gamut and low blue light design that reduces eye strain while letting gamers enjoy stunning images. Innolux will also introduce its first large-format monitor for gaming and entertainment with its 65″ 240Hz miniLED Gaming TV, which features a high refresh rate and a large number of miniLED backlight partitions to provide gamers with a smooth gaming experience with minimal motion blur.