Indiana State University Helping to Train Unmanned Systems Operators

Indiana State University (ISU) recently acquired two new unmanned aerial (UAS) training systems from Corsair Engineering (Orlando, FL) for training future crews of unmanned systems for military and commercial use.

Corsair’s IM3PUT (integrated multi-mission multi-platform UAS trainer) system is capable of simulating a variety of generic and OEM UAS platforms on a single machine. The two-crew configuration allows students to practice flight and sensor operations, as well as crew co-ordination, simultaneously on a single machine. IM3PUT systems can also be connected over a network to enable synchronized training in a joint scenario with common terrain and entities, for larger scale mission and co-ordination exercises. The simulator also allows for insertion of additional unmanned systems, such as ground and underwater-unmanned vehicles.

The new IM3PUT simulators provide students with the ability to practice a myriad of UAS operational concepts including manual and auto flight operations, sensor operation and management, crew management, communications, emergency procedures and airspace co-ordination, all prior to conducting training on a specific UAS platform.