iNDemand Broadcasts Live Bout in 4K UHD over SES Platform


SES has announced the first UltraHD live pay-per-view sports event broadcast by iN Demand over the SES Ultra HD distribution platform. On 24th June, martial arts bouts were transmitted live from New York’s Madison Square Garden to cable and IPTV subscribers in select markets on pay-per-view.

There has been a long-term, collaborative relationship between SES and iN Demand and this has led to new programming for multichannel video programming distributors and their audiences throughout North America and beyond.

More than 25 multichannel video programming distributors, with a combined audience of nearly 10 million subscribers, are testing SES’s all-in-one Ultra HD solution, which packages together, a 4K Ultra HD channel line-up, satellite distribution services and reception equipment.

Programming on the SES Ultra HD line-up features ten Ultra HD channels, including Fashion One 4K, Travelxp 4K, 4KUniverse, NASA TV UHD, Insight TV, UHD1, C4K360, Funbox UHD, Nature Relaxation 4K as well as SES’s UHD demonstration channel. These channels are hosted on a trio of SES satellites at the centre of the orbital arc (SES-1, SES-3, AMC-18), which cover 100% of the cable head-ends in the US.