Images of New Google Chromecast and Smart TV Kit Leak Online

Images of Google’s “Smart TV Kit” and an upgraded Chromecast have leaked online, ahead of the company’s official launch event on October 9th. An FCC filing uncovered earlier in the year reveals that the new Chromecast offers only a modest hardware upgrade, featuring improved Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but the image also shows a new matte finish on the device.

The previous iteration of Chromecast had a glossier finish.

Meanwhile, the Smart TV Kit package is believed to be the new name for Google’s existing “Home Mini + Chromecast” bundle, which provides users with the means to upgrade their TVs with Chromecast features, including voice control capabilities.

The image was originally leaked on Reddit but it has since been deleted. It’s still available to view on the Android Police website. Assuming the product will be launched officially at next week’s event, we should know more about it very soon.